Lha Bab Duchen 2016

Today (11/20/16) is Lha Bab Duchen, one of the four major holy days of my faith, commemorating Buddha’s descent from the God Realm of 33, where he taught dharma for three months in gratitude for his mother’s kindness (she had been reborn there). Today, I reflect with gratitude on the karmic connections I have made,…

Lucky Bird

I’ve always considered Herons to be my “lucky” bird!


“Every day I pray for you Every day I pray Every night I think about Every day I pray I pray – for better things to come…” ~ LYCIA, ‘Pray’ (from their album “The Burning Circle And Then Dust”, 1995) One of my favourite songs.

Sedlec Ossuary — Ryan Gray Photography

A little something appropriate for this time of year – a series of amazing photographs by Ryan Gray of the Sedlec Ossuary (Kutná Hora, Czech Republic). It contains the bones of upwards of 70,000 people, arranged in a variety of patterns and forms. Some of the bones date from before the 16th century, coming from…

Light The Way

A photograph taken during a break in teachings at Urban Dharma (Asheville, NC), of one of the shrines in the main room. This one features not only multiple light/candle offerings, but representations of the traditional offerings – water for drinking and for washing the feet, flowers, incense, lamps (candles), perfumed water, food, and music. Present…

Higher Perspective

A late afternoon view of Big Round Top, from the observation tower on Culps Hill, Gettysburg NMP.

Stone Sentinels

“When we set out on this journey There were no doubts in our minds We set our eyes to the distance We would find what we would find We took courage from our numbers What we sought we did not fear Sometimes we’d glimpse a shadow falling The shadow would disappear But our thoughts kept…


Encountering a Praying Mantis is a rare treat for some, but encountering a member of the Phasmatodea family – commonly known as Walking Sticks – is even rarer. This is one we encountered on a sign next to the grotto spring.

Clouds Over Devils Den

This photograph was originally intended to be a view of Little Round Top from Devils Den, but when we uploaded it, I fell in love with the patterns created by the clouds and filtered sunlight. It was taken the Sunday we were hiking Gettysburg NMP (10/16/16), after the fog cleared.

The Random Pilgrim

One of the questions I have been asked since returning from our recent trip to PA & MD to visit battlefields (Gettysburg NMP and Antietam NBP in particular), is why we took the time to visit a Marian shrine not once, but twice. “But you’re Buddhist!” they say. Let me open this by stepping back to…